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ECO, Inc. is a full-service company providing products and solutions for all facets of industry. While our focus is primarily on the boiler and power generation industries (Economizers and Air Heaters), ECO has the means, capabilities and facilities to handle most any type of product -- including parts of your design, sub-assemblies, support structures, stacks, super-heater and heat recovery steam generators. Our manufacturing plants include full machining and welding facilities that can provide highly complex products at competitive pricing.

Profesional Services 

Having over 100 cumulative years of industry experience means that the ECO team has diversity, knowledge and the hands-on success to understand your needs, critical design points, and regulatory requirements.  Our real-life experience gives us the abilities to:

  • Provide the RIGHT solution to meet your needs or offer viable alternatives

  • Fulfill your project and industry standards


Our project management emphasizes results; results provided by planning, communications and discipline.  Our project management promotes efficiencies to reduce costs and facilitate on-time delivery


Available to the "ECO System":

  • Complete machine shop

  • Over 200,000 square feet of shop floor

  • Five (5) acres of outside storage

  • Welding: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, SAW

  • CNC Plasma ARC cutting and punching

  • Brake and shear

  • Freight by truck, rail or barge


Quality assurance does not start with the first weld or field erection.  ECO quality starts when we review your initial specifications and our commitment to quality remains through project completion.

The “ECO System” is an integrated, phased process for the construction of quality economizers, air heaters and related equipment.